Decorative plates and Painted Decorative Plates

Published: 24th May 2010
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A concave plate is often used for serving food. Though, decorative plates and hand painted decorative plates are used to decorate walls, tabletops and interiors. These plates are generally made up of porcelain, ceramic, glass, bone china and sometimes plastic. The decorative plates vary in sizes from 6" to 14". Decorative plates are an inexpensive way to liven up walls, themes or interiors.

During the erstwhile renaissance era in Italy, majolica, a type of pottery, was invented. Majolica was used extensively to manufacture plates. Decorative plates have also been made from various other materials like stone, paper or wood. It began in and around the 16th century, when the use of plates as decoration was opted for to impress guests. Sometimes, exquisitely decorated plates were also used to serve food to the guests as a mark of aristocracy. Yet, the plates which were used to serve food were different from the ones used for decoration, as the chemicals used to decorate the plates sometimes could be harmful if ingested.

Soon, they began to be used as decorative pieces of art to make any dull and drab wall look better. They can be used to decorate a dining table as a centre piece to liven up the settings. If used in combination with intricately carved mirrors, small plates look exquisite. They can be colour coordinated with the wall decor, lighting, and even the furnishings. Contrasting and dark colours usually succeed in creating a dramatic effect.

Ceramic serving plates which are hand painted can add a touch of class to any sit down meal with your guests. Plate Holders can be used in displaying plates as a centre piece on a small table or the centre table of your living room. A prudently selected plate can blend with any theme you opt for.

Interior designers have been increasingly looking at decorative plates and painted decorative plates as they are versatile and can be used in many ways. If you are thinking about how to make your Victorian surroundings look more chic` or wondering how to make your bathroom or kitchen walls more colourful, they can be used to make wonders.

They can be great garden accessories too. If you want to use them on a rack or a cabinet, you can even create a great ambience with the help of diffused lightings. If you are looking to create a subdued affect, decorative plates can also be covered in the walls papers that blend with the walls. If they are made up of metal they create a more rustic ambience.

There are many other accessories to go with the painted decorative plates which can pep the interiors further. For example, plate stands, hangers and wood panels can be wisely coordinated with the decorative plates to bring out more from them. Decorative plates also come in sets which help in enriching your interiors.

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